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We offer 24 hours services and do contact us for further information.
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⦿ Our dedicated Port Agency staff is always ready to look after your vessels when calling Indonesian Ports.
⦿ Through a network of Sub-Agents and in-house Port Captains we are always ready to cater to your and your Masters’ needs.
⦿ We can assist your vessels and crew when calling Indonesian Ports to load or discharge or any other Shipping related assistance.
⦿ No task is too small for us. We offer 24 hours services and do contact us for further information.


⦿ Our Protective Agency looks after the needs of offshore vessels in Indonesian waters on long term charters and act as the extended arm of owners and operators based overseas.
⦿ We understand the specific needs of offshore operators and assist in crew changes, cash deliveries, spare parts logistics and other services required by our Principals.
⦿ We provide permitting services for foreigners employed on Indonesian flagged vessels operating off the Indonesian coast and ensure their permits are legal and up to date.
⦿ We are happy to answer any questions you may have in meeting your specific needs.


Highest quality standards
We maintain our quality standards by being independently audited by DNVGL as well as our principals to ensure our services conform to the highest industry standards.
Experts in industry
We have a team of dedicated professionals each with many years of experience in Export/Import services business in Indonesia, who are flexible in attending to our clients’ special needs.
Variety of services
We are renowned for supporting long term FSO, FPSO, LNG, Tankers, Bulk Carriers, and FSRU projects in Indonesia. Our aim is to be long term business partner with our clients, managing their assets in the most efficient and cost effective manner.
We possess SIUPKK and also accredited by DNVGL to the standard of ISO 9001, 14001, 18001.
We have excellent premises with enough space to accommodate expansion, with a spacious reception for visitors, training room, well-equipped meeting rooms, storage facility and a spacious car park.
We strive to improve our services by continuously upgrading our Procedures and Human Resources, We take pride in our honesty, integrity, consistency and competence.
Experts in Port Agency
We have a team of experienced Port Captains who are fully committed to ensure everything runs smoothly when your ship calls at any port in Indonesia.

Shipping Agency

ESB - Equinox Shipping Agency Services are built on years of experience by serving vessels on the Indonesian coast.